Upland High School : GPA 3.8 : Senior

Interested in kinesiology, sports medicine, plays Varsity Soccer, enjoys cooking, and a volunteer at Upland Animal Shelter.

My skin is not a subject I like talking about with anyone because it my biggest insecurity. Had I have a clear face, my overall grumpiness level would lower because I would not have any reason to be upset anymore. My face secludes me from doing certain things that my friends do, like swimming, because I don’t want to wash off my makeup. My life would open up to many more possibilities and opportunities to become more social and include myself in more events. I have a scarred face from breakouts and even when my skin is clean, it doesn’t look like it is and I would like to protect other kids from feelings about scarring that I have. Additionally, being able to go out in the world and have better confidence will help me to spread a better attitude to my friends, family, and strangers. I will have less of a negative and reclusive outlook on things, and instead have a positive and happy one.