Alumni, Freshman San Diego State University : GPA 3.7

“Feeling better about one self is going to have a huge impact in life itself.”

Attends the University Preparatory

Feeling better about one self is going to have a huge impact in life itself. In my opinion when a person feels better about themselves and for are confident in what they do. This will also impact my future in the sense that not only will I become a better person but a better leader as well. Therefore feeling better about one self will impact my life in a good way and impact my future positively. Taking chances will increase the possibilities of succeeding in the future. Also, standing up for someone or someone else gives others the impression that you are not afraid and in most cases you will earn respect. There are of course ways to feel better about one self for example, usually in my case when I do well on a test I feel better about myself or when I do my hair and get a compliment I feel better about myself. These little things lead up to higher self esteem and with that you interact with society more, take chances that you thought you never thought you would such as giving a presentation in front of many people or just starting a conversation with someone new.