“I am just another kid in this world with another dream. My goals are just to be happy and successful. That all comes with a good job and education.”

Hobbies: Basketball, writes his own rap music

I am just another kid in this world with another dream. My goals are just to be happy and successful. That all comes with a good job and education. Giving back to others is how you get blessed, so I will definitely give back once I am able to. I am very determined and I expect to achieve all of my goals.

As we proceed living our lives, we all learn many valuable things. Wisdom only comes from our own experiences, as well as stories that we hear from other’s. I am quite grateful for the many things I’ve learned from the other people in my life. For that matter, I would try my hardest to give a younger person a piece of advice that would profit them in the best way possible. First off, I would have to tell them to make friends and make as many as possible. Friends and acquaintances play a very big part in everyone’s lives. Not only for the companionship and fun times, but also for the benefits. Now a days, when it comes to getting jobs and promotions, it doesn’t work the same as it used to. It no longer depends on what you know, but who you know. Second of all, I would say stay in school and do your best in it. You can’t get a good job with a high school diploma anymore. School really isn’t that hard, all you have to do is pay attention. The teachers give you the answers, and all you have to do is remember.Laziness is what keeps you down in school, but just keep going and stay in school.
Last but not least, the most important thing to live by is to follow your dreams. Don’t let anything stop you. Do something with your life, so you’ll be able to look back on things and know you had a great time. Every person has their own pursuit of happiness. Make sure you don’t let little obstacles keep you from going after everything you’ve ever wanted. If you don’t at least attempt to get your success, you will only have regrets about life. You will always wonder what would have happened if you would of kept going. Money cannot buy happiness. True happiness only come when you make all your of wishes come true. Success is when you know this is exactly what you wanted to do.

After being affected by acne, it would be real nice to finally have clear skin. I would really appreciate the fact to have nice skin. It gets pretty nasty and gross having to always pick at blackheads and pimples. Looking in the mirror every morning and seeing rough skin tends to get a little annoying. Besides physically, I would also benefit mentally from this skin treatment, considering the fact that I am in high school, looks mean a lot. Looks just really are important in the life of a teenager or young adult. Perhaps, if the factor of me being self conscious is eliminated, it would help me to move on with my life and achieve higher goals. If you really think about it, being self-conscious can hold many people back from many different things. Self-consciousness causes fear and makes us not even want to take risks. My social like would most likely improve due to more confidence.

Finally, this treatment could help me and my family financially. Going through different creams and medicines, the expenses have piled up. Due to the fact that some of the medicines I have tried are prescriptions, the prices are even higher. With this treatment we will save a lot of money that could be spent on more necessary things. The economy is in a bad state right now and money is having to be stretched, so I would greatly benefit if there is less money required for better skin.