Alumni, Freshman at UC Riverside : GPA 3.9

“My main priority is to put the happiness of others before my own.”

Hobbies: Poetry, soccer, basketball, protecting the planet

Career goals: Environmentalist, Veterinarian, Astronomy

If I was able to give advice to someone younger than me, I would tell them to always be the leader of your life, heart, and dreams. Every person on this planet has an outstanding personality, and capability to be the captain of their own decisions and opinions. You also need to understand that it’s okay to make mistakes because those mistakes are the key to improvement. Have the courage to lead your heart. Don’t let the painful drops of life get to you or your goals. Always have a positive attitude and continue your life, even when it turns into a complete nightmare, because you’re strong enough to survive that challenge and many more. Let your priorities and dreams be the road to your destiny. Do not let your insecurities stop you from what you wish to do or become, no one can interfere in your goals but yourself. I just want you to realize we’ll be here on earth just once, and then never again. Always remember to live the life the way you please, and enjoy it till the last minute.

Feeling better about my facial appearance will improve my attitude towards life. I will have the confidence to show my face without makeup and without worrying that someone will look at my acne and judge me for the way I look. I will look to spend beautiful evenings with my family and friends, and not be afraid to take pictures with them because acne won’t be a problem. I just want to look at a mirror and not hate the person I see, because I know that have an outstanding personality, but the person I see in the mirror is not who I am. To me she is a stranger. I know that my skin is the obstacle to my happiness, but I know that nothing in this world is impossible and I won’t give up. Having better skin will impact my future. I will no longer have to hide my face from the ones that love me and for my health. I will be able to go out and explore this magnificent planet. Be able to move on in my academic life, with no worries I who I am. I want to be able to look in the mirror and admit that the person in the reflection is me.